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Staking Nodes with Pocket Network

Pocket Network is a Proof-of-Stake Network that provides RPC access to a multitude of blockchain networks without the high electric, disk or RAM costs associated with traditional Proof-of-Work Networks.  Our "fully-managed" service means that you can enjoy staking with a completely hands-off approach.  Our dedicated team will work with you to onboard onto our platform and work with you to successfully stake your nodes. 

BlockSpaces has built our platform to ensure high-availability and multi-region redundancy for all of our backing chains.  Every node is an individual dedicated virtual machine with auto-scale capabilities to ensure it performs at peak as the network requires.  Your account is secured with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) and we provide a 99.99% uptime SLA for your nodes.  Our dashboard is updated hourly, providing you real time access into your nodes and stake performance.

White Listed Relay Chains

BlockSpaces is a managed blockchain provider that runs Pocket Network validator nodes in multiple datacenters across the world.  Our nodes are staked with up to 15 of the best-performing backing chains to provide you the best relay performance possible.  We continually monitor relays by region to determine which chains to run in each of our data centers.  We work directly with Pocket Network to onboard new chains as they are whitelisted.  We actively review relay performance and edit stake as necessary to ensure optimal performance.
Avalanche (MainNet)
Avalanche (Archive)
Binance Smart Chain (MainNet)
Binance Smart Chain (Archive)
Bitcoin (MainNet)
Ethereum (MainNet)
Ethereum (Archive)
Ethereum (Goerli)
Ethereum (Kovan)
Ethereum (Rinkeby)
Ethereum (Ropsten)
Fuse (MainNet)
Fuse (Archive)
Harmony Shard 0
Harmony Shard 0 (Archive)
Polygon (MainNet)
Polygon (Archive)
Solana (MainNet)
Solana (Archive)
xDai (MainNet)
xDai (Archive)


BlockSpaces provides quantity and prepayment based pricing incentives.

Per Month
6 Month (pre-paid)
12 Month (pre-paid)
500 - 999
1000 +


  • We require that each node have 15,375 POKT to be staked.  We DO NOT sell POKT.  Please make sure you have purchased POKT prior to placing your order.
  • We will provide a validator address to you during the onboarding process for you to send the POKT to for staking.
  • Daily stake reward averages by node are determine by many factors and market conditions, BlockSpaces does not make any guarantee as to stake reward averages.
  • Unstaking requires a 21 day hold prior to staked POKT to be released.